Working with BCD is working with a partner that is truly concerned about all of the details.  They communicate freely and offer important suggestions to improve the final product, insuring customer satisfaction. They are well organized and their team performs like a family. They are not so large that you get lost but are large enough to have a talented team of professionals. They know what their clients want and deliver beyond expectations.”

                    —Michael F. Cibulka, CEO of ZON


“We knew this project was going to be demanding, both in terms of quality and delivery. But rather than be intimidated, BCD rose to the challenge, fulfilling their commitment with attention, energy, and care. Manufacturing in China is known for presenting a lot of logistical problems, but BCD proved to be a great counterexample to that stereotype. We never had to waste our valuable time making sure they were doing their job, or worrying about the myriad problems that inevitably pop up during production. The effort and creativity they put into managing our projects has led to the great mutual trust and respect we share today. If you are looking for a client-oriented and quality-focused ODM to take you to the next level of electronic design and manufacture, I couldn’t recommend BCD more.”

                    —Chris Petrick, CEO of Bretford