How We Became an ODM

Blue Clover Devices was formed in 2003 as Blue Clover Design, LLC. We wanted to be a design house but we didn’t know what product to make, not to mention how to sell it. We were young and dumb, but fortunately we knew it. Suffice it to say, our business plan was pretty straightforward: 

1) Design a product and try to sell it

2) Design another product and try to sell it

3) Reevaluate the…

Why we do IoT

Our mission at Blue Clover Devices is to leverage the power of IoT to eliminate waste in all its forms and make a more beautiful world.

The most flagrant form of waste is the design, production, shipping, and fulfillment of a defective product. With the knowhow that mankind has amassed over the years, it’s breathtaking how often we shuffle around horrible products that should never have been made in the first place.

Let me give you an example. Recently, my wife and…