In-Circuit Tester (ICT)

Modern in-circuit testing is sleek, streamlined, and sustainable.

We redesigned traditional bed-of-nails testers to fit modern needs for quick in-circuit testing!


Frustrated with the bulky and unsustainable nature of traditional ICT fixtures, we began by designing a standardized ICT fixture base. The new standardized base is sleek, sturdy, and reusable.

Customized Pin Alignment

To customize our ICT solution to meet the needs of our clients’ unique PCB iterations, we replaced the traditional bed-of-nails with custom Pogo Pin Cassettes (PPC). PPC are designed to be swiftly built then inserted into the ICT fixture base.


Our in-circuit testers are programmable with the PLT, our proprietary test automation computer. The ICT makes physical contact with finished printed circuit boards (PCBA) to test for the following: Power and Relays, Electrical Measurements, Logic Measurements, UART Testing, and CAN Bus Testing

Note: our proprietary ICT solution requires a PLT.

Order Your Custom ICT Solution

Step 1: The ICT Fixture Base

The standardized ICT fixture base keeps things neat and tidy. Think of it as a utility case and press machine designed to hold all the important test components. You can use the same ICT fixture base for each board iteration that’s being tested. In the long run, this is better for the environment (and your pockets)!

Step 2: The Pogo Pin Cassette (PPC)

The Pogo Pin Cassette (PPC) is our independent invention, and each PPC is built-to-order. What’s special about the PPC is that it allows us to create a customized ICT solution in one week after design confirmation. Compare that to the usual month or longer. Read below for an overview of the three steps to a custom PPC.


Confirm Test
Point Matrix

Build and
Ship PPC

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