How We Do It

An organized manufacturing system is the key to remaining competitive in the dynamic IoT market. At Blue Clover Devices, we meet the uncertainties of our industry head-on with our invaluable production Flows. These procedures ensure a quick and cost-effective turnaround for all our electronic manufacturing services. While they interlock with each other and function cyclically, they can also work independently of each other.

DevFlow kickstarts each new IoT project by getting a working prototype up and running. It’s usually triggered by a demo order from a client, resulting in an alpha prototype that allows us to lock down our design with greater precision. Our engineers use BCD’s proprietary management system to design and check interoperability between device firmware, mobile app, cloud backend, and web interface. They can also write custom code according to our clients’ needs.

NPIFlow handles New Product Introduction. This Flow is organized around the stresses of releasing a new product, balancing them with all the time-constrained necessities—engineering, testing, certification, and DFM—that it entails. It turns DevFlow’s alpha prototype into a fully-functional golden sample, from which we can finally launch a pilot run.

A successful pilot run triggers OrderFlow, the mass-production stage. Thanks to the excellent work done by DevFlow engineers, the OrderFlow team is free to devote its energy to the supply chain pipeline, lead-time management, and product efficiency. This Flow is the end of the line, ensuring the final product is high quality, low cost, and delivered to the client right on time. 

While a typical project will start with DevFlow, progress to NPIFlowand finish with with OrderFlow, we understand that different clients have different needs. The flexibility of our Flow system allows us to support them at any stage of their project. For this reason, we always welcome clients regardless of their place in the cycle.


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