BlueDiamond—Our IoT Development Framework.

Our focus is helping clients bring IoT products to life. When we were just getting Blue Clover Devices off the ground, we did a lot of brainstorming about the best way to make this happen. What we realized was that the basic building blocks of our process resembled a baseball diamond. From this we developed a simplifying framework—the BlueDiamond—which helps keep our diverse international team on the same page throughout the electronics design and manufacturing process.

Blue Clover Devices Blue Diamond IoT Architecture

We begin with home plate: the Device. What is it we are making for our client—a washing machine? A sprinkler? A table light? The Device serves a specific purpose, and the way we inject IoT functionality is supposed to enhance and extend this purpose, not interfere with it.

Once we have defined the Device, we sprint toward first base: the Mobile App, which is really an extension of the device itself. It can even be the primary interface of the Device; since today’s smartphone already has an evolved user interface, it would be foolish to try and replicate on the Device itself. It’s important to begin with the Mobile App for connectivity because this will usually be the initial way the user interacts with the Device. We have learned that when the Mobile App is added at the end of a project or is developed in isolation from the Device, the user inevitably suffers.

Sliding into second base: the Cloud Backend. The Cloud is the ultimate storage center. What if you change phones? No problem—everything is backed up to the Cloud. The Cloud performs the role of being the single source of account information and information generated by the Device. The Cloud Backend can also be an efficient means of distributing important updates to the Device over the air.

Finally, BlueDiamond’s third base: the Web Interface. This term is a catch-all for alternative means of communicating with the Device or with the Cloud Backend. The most common example of this IoT concept is a web portal in which the user can monitor the health status of the Device in their network. The Web Interface can also take the form of an automated report with up-to-date information from the Cloud Backend, conveniently emailed to the user.

With the BlueDiamond framework, our resident experts at Blue Clover Devices apply the entire IoT architecture to every single product. With all of these parts functioning together, we “bring it home” with a compelling prototype that makes our client’s concept a reality.

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